Airport Displays:
Parking lot | Airport Entrance | Flight Information | Check-In | Security Check | Duty Free | Airline Lounge | DOOH | Gate | Control Center


Create passenger satisfaction with real-time information


As airports have grown larger and passenger numbers have increased, it is imperative that information delivered to travelers is concise, increasing traveler satisfaction. Samsung’s wide range of digital displays allows airports to always deliver the most up-to-date and accurate information to travelers.

Signage & Advertising

DOOH(Digital out-of-home) advertising is a key component for industry growth, while traditional OOH remains steady
Deko Solution offers a comprehensive portfolio of display solutions for a wide array of indoor and outdoor applications, including billboards, street furniture, entrance, moving walks, way-finding and ad-case solutions.


Improve learning experience and school environment


The wave of digital transformation is changing the classroom from the beginning


Schools require a solution that can improve the learning experience and student engagement. Display solutions provide intuitive usability and connectivity with classroom equipment and devices of students and teachers.


In today’s society, students, parents and teachers are inundated with educational information. To keep everyone informed, the educational sector has begun to incorporate digital signage in the classrooms. Samsung provides a full line-up of displays and solutions that modern schools require.


Retail Digital Signage
Reinvent the shopping experience

Display solutions are a key driver for enhancing the seamless experience of customers

With digital display solutions, retailers can improve a customer’s entire shopping journey from capturing attraction to providing real-time promotion. This new technology will enhance the customer’s satisfaction bringing them back to the store for future shopping.

Provide shoppers with information while they are in-store as well as offer them promotions they can use while shopping. Retail display solutions have the ability to deliver a wide range of info.


Fast food (QSR)

SAMSUNG Displays solutions are a key driver for accelerating quick service restaurant (QSR) modernization and digitalization

QSRs need to improve how to present and highlight their menu and services to stand out from the competition as well as create an enriching customer experience. Digital displays can meet these requirements with vivid imagery and accurate information.

Tv Studio

Revolutionize your studio with industry-leading displays

Grab audience attention with advanced visual displays

Samsung’s display solutions differentiate your content with innovative picture technology and streamline work efficiency by providing the ideal display solution suited to the particular use.


Stadium Perimeter LED Display and digital scoreboard provide high visibility and brightness, reflection reduction and long-life durability regardless of weather conditions, guaranteeing an immersive experience for every spectator.

Control room

Video Wall & Business Monitor

A video wall is often at the heart of a control room, providing clear visibility for efficient monitoring and maintenance. Samsung’s displays offer optimal brightness, high resolution, an immersive curved design, and long-lasting performance in any environment.

Health care

Healthcare Display

Enhance businesses in the hospital industry with optimized display solution
Samsung, the number one global digital signage solution provider, offers a comprehensive portfolio of display solutions for a wide array of applications including wayfinding, waiting area, lobby, station, conference room, doctor’s room and patient’s room.


Why Samsung Digital Signage for Hotels
– provides a wide range of display solutions product portfolio to meet the specific needs of the hospitality industry
– provides all-in-one display solutions to enhance operational efficiency
– provides best-in-class picture quality and advanced functionality
– offers a modern and sophisticated product portfolio to elevate your hotel’s brand image
– is a top-tier global display leader which guarantees reliable and durable products


Digital Signage in Transportation

  • As technology advances, so do the preferences and expectations of travelers and freight shippers. Travelers expect more engagement through instant alerts and updates. Meanwhile, shippers and facility operators are constantly seeking to reduce costs, streamline upkeep, and deliver accurate and real-time information to travelers.
  • To address these needs, the transportation industry is adopting technological innovations to improve operating efficiency and enabling instantaneous content and updates to be provided to travelers such as through deploying digital signage solutions. Transportation digital signage is the most common digital technology being utilized by key hubs of the transportation industry such as airports, bus terminals, etc.


Canon Projectors
– Bring premium quality projection and powerful features to any environment
– Experience the stunning clarity and accuracy of these 4K projectors
– Full HD projectors: Faithful images every time
– Short & ultra short throw: Multimedia projectors
– Simulation & design projectors: Outstanding projection for creative applications
– Business & education projectors: From meeting rooms to lecture theatres